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abc music

Western European Trad and 
folk music in abc format

established in December 2011
last revised in February 2019


abc - introduction and tutorial

The abc musical notation language
by Chris Walshaw

Frequently Asked Questions about abc Music Notation
by John Chambers

abc - tutorials and utilities -
by Steve Mansfield

Henrik Norbeck's abc pages

Anamnese - guide de la notation abc
by Eric Forgeot, in French

abc web-based programs

abc tune search - on
by Chris Walshaw

abc editor of the Montreal Session Tunebook
the M.S.T. recommends a useful bookmarklet
created by Jim Hawkridge

abc converter of

Jens Wollschläger's abc transposer

abc software packages

abc packages list
list compiled by Chris Walshaw

abc software packages
list compiled by John Chamber

converts from abc to Capella(cap), in German 

abc tune collections


tune collection of Michel Bellon

musique traditionnelle de France
by  Sylvain Piron

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in swedish

John Chamber's Scandinavian Folk Dance Music

The Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia 
and other regions

repertoire of the Belgian dance association "Infants du Catiau"

Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlieties
en Contredansen

this collection of 996 melodies published between 1700 and 1716 has now been compiled by Simon Platinga in the form of pdf and abc files

England, Northumberland

The Village Music Project

The Playford Collection
revised by John Chamber

Ireland, Scotland, Shetland, Celtic
(w/o Brittany)

Nigel Gatherer's ABC Tunes Collection
mainly celtic and american

The Traditional Music Database - TUNEdb

Irish,  few Scandinavian, abc
by Tom Keays

Cranford Publications abc collections
irish, scottish, Cape Breton


The Dahlhoff Dance Collection
Tanzsammlung Dahlhoff

by Simon Wascher, im German

North America

Nigel Gatherer's ABC Tunes Collection
mainly celtic and american

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ABC Tune Collections

abc  collections - a comprehensive overview
by Chris  Walshaw

musiques anciennes et traditionnelle au format abc
abc tutorial in french, tune collections; 
by Eric Forgeot

Henrik Norbecks abc tunes tune collections
by Steve Mansfield

John Chamber's abc tune finder

John Chamber's online music books

the traditional music database - TUNEdb
by Richard Moon

abc version of the Nottingham music database

TuneBook Live!
by Richard Robinson

Essen folk song database

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