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Customs of Carnival
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Cajun / Zaideko / Acadien:

"Dry Wood", Video 37 min.
A glimpse into the life, food, and
Mardi Gras
celebrations of black Creoles
in French Louisiana,
featuring the stories
and music of "Bois Sec" Ardoin and Canray Fontenot; published on

Cajun country
video hosted on


La Saint Blaise ŕ Pézenas
hosted at

Festa San Blase
ŕ St. Martial 2007(4)

hosted at

San Blase / Saint Blaise
St. Martial 2007
hosted at

Label Hautbois,
Total festum 2006 2

video hosted at

Total Festum 2
at youtube
Languedoc-Roussillon region


Traditional carnival in Bagolino (Caffaro Valley), mountain village in Northern Italy. Fiddlers and dancers fellowship;
video hosted on

The Carnival of Ponte Caffaro
article by Rod Stadling on the Musical Traditions website on the 400 years old tradition in Northern Italy

Carnival in Ponte Caffaro
(Caffaro Valley)
raditional carnival in Ponte Caffaro, mountain village in Northern Italy. Fiddlers and dancers fellowship
video hosted on

Traditional carnival in Sampeyre (Varaita Valley) mountain village in Northern Italy. Fiddle player and masked fellowship;
video hosted on

Carnevale 2006 Valle d'Aosta
video hosted on

Carnevale a Montemarano
a very fast tarantella at the Montemarano carnival. Southern Italy, Campania, Avellino;
video hosted on

Carnevale a Montemarano 2

video hosted on

Carnevale di Montemarano

Southern Italy, Campania, Avellino;
video hosted on

Montemarano carnevale 2003
a traditional song for dance. all of the musicians and dancers are from Salerno, Campania, Italy ;
video hosted on



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