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On this website I mainly collected weblinks containing information on traditional tunes,  dances and instruments of Western European origin. The site is for musicians, sessioneers and enthusiasts of Western European and North American trad / folk music.

established in 2003
last modified in August 2022 

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Chris Walshaw's abc tune search / tune finder gives you access to thousands of
folk & traditional tunes from across
the web - use the search form or browse the tunes or visit the collections they are drawn from.

Musiques traditionnelles en liberté
tune search

Link Tab
Search Engine of the Accademia del Mantice

Swedish, nordic:
Folk Wiki

Danish, nordic:

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Various Genres

Toutes les couleurs du trad
Radio stream from Paris, France
European folk music from yesterday and today
Toutes les couleurs du trad on Facebook

John Chamber's abc Tune Finder

John Chamber's Online Music Books

List of historical tunebooks
some of which are available on the internet

by EFDSS Folkopedia
Digitized and abc music from England, Northamerica and Celtic Countries and regions

Folk Tune Finder
the folk & traditional music search engine

Link Tab
Search Engine of the Accademia del Mantice

Folk Dancing Etiquette
by the Int. Folk Dancers of Ottawa

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
maintained by Lesley Nelson 

Traditional Music Library
maintained by Rod Smith 

Richard Robinson's Tunebook

Chris Peterson's Traditional Music  

Tune collections on the Internet
by  Mickey Koth

The Mandolin Page
Tunes of different genres

Musipedia - the open music encyclopedia

The Mudcat Café

Music Archive from Sweden:
Folkmusikkommissionens notsamling
och Musikmuseets spelmansböcker

about 45,000 pages of tunes and songs;
in English and Swedish
Svenskt visarkiv's Web Catalogues
related link:
Radio Sweden's Recording Journeys

The Traditional Tune Archive
The Semantic Index of North American, British
and Irish traditional instrumental music
with annotation, formerly known as
The Fiddler's Companion

Simon Wascher's online Trad-Archiv

English and French Folk Music
an online manuscript by Matt Coatsworth

Sheffield university's ceilidh society tune pages

Early Music online
Early Music Online has digitised over 320 volumes of 16th-century anthologies of printed music, from holdings at the British Library.
Chris Walshaw's abc tune search / tune finder gives you access to thousands of
folk & traditional tunes from across
the web - use the search form or browse the tunes or visit the collections they are drawn from.

The Lesession pages
Steve Mansfield's abc music notation tutorial,
tune collections in abc
, and more ...

Ross Anderson's music page

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Countries, Regions


Music France: 

Toutes les couleurs du trad
Radio stream from Paris, France
European folk music from yesterday and today
Toutes les couleurs du trad on Facebook

Link to steam

links with copyright-free balfolk-music ordered by dances & bands. Here music can be freely shared - You are welcome to submit a link to your music!

Base inter-régionale patrimoine oral

Portail du patrimoine oral

Groupe La Cascade:
collection of links to trad music
repertoire websites

a tresure trove for French trad music repertoire

Musical Library of the
Association d'Ètude, de Promotion et
d'Enseignement des Musiques Traditionnelles
des Pays de France (A.E.P.E.M.)
in French

Mémoire du folk en Nord Pas de Calais (F)
Blog in French

Patrimoine oral du Massif Central
Online database for searching the archives
for French trad music
in French

Trad France
Traditional Music from France
maintained by Sylvain Piron

Travak tunebook
Dutch bal folk group from Venlo

Vector of information on Trad/Folk music and dance

Musique Centre France

Quelques petites vidéos
du Chti-Folkeux
Trad Music of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France,
and Western Belgium

Musique d'Auvergne
23 original remanufactured recordings interpreted by singers and musicians who originated from the French regions Cantal, Aveyron, Corrèze, Lozère and Puy-de-Dôme


Musiques traditionnelles en liberté

Coleur Chabrette
Trad Music presented by the Chabrette players of the National Regional Conservatoire of  Limoges and a dozen or so other musicians

La Compagnie du Rigodon

Montreal Session Tunebook
French bal folk , as well as scottish
and irish tunes

Liste des partitions du disque "TAPAGE"

Partitions Folk
by Pascal Peyremorte

Disque-O avec Travaque - Les anciens
compilation of French trad music from 78 rpm
recordings on youtube. The movie as seen during
the 'Disque-O avec Travaque' at the Folkwoods
festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands,
aug. 14th 2011.  by Nikolaj Marks

Trad 78
80 tunes from the Auvergne region in France from 78 rpm recordings on youtube

Vinyl d'Auvergne
18 tunes from the Auvergne region on youtube

French traditional song and dance wiki
Wikitrad on facebook
Wikitrad Songs on Soundcloud

La Bourrée
about 100 dance and song tunes collected in
Joseph Canteloube's book "La Bourrée"
published in 1929

- abc-transcription by Steve Mansfield

pdf-file with index created from the
  abc-tunebook by Chuck Boody
- on (French)
- scanned pages of the whole book on
  Gary Chapin's Accordeonaire website

Arpalhands - Répertoire

Association Arpalhands - traditional music and dances in Occitania

Des montagnes d'Auvergne au Bal Musette

on youtube, in French

pdf-book, research:
Le violon populaire en Massif Central
Les violoneux et leur musique

The traditional fiddle from Massif Central (France)- The fiddlers and their music
hosted at CMRT en Limousin  in French
The site offers worthwhile background information
on fiddlers of different French regions
in the nineteenth and twentieth century.
in French

Music Belgium / The Netherlands:

Oude en Nieuwe Hollantse Boerenlieties
en Contredansen

This collection of 996 melodies, published between 1700 and 1716, has now been compiled by Simon Platinga in the form of pdf and abc files,   website in Dutch

Oude en nieuwe Hollantse Boeren lietjes en Contredansen (1700)
digitized collection in the Royal Dutch Library

Hollantse boeren lieties en contredansen
Background information and sources:
Lusthof-der Muziek-Blog, in Dutch

Lusthof der Muziek
webblog in Dutch
De Lusthof der Muziek - or the Garden of Musical Delights - delves into 750 years of musical tradition in the Low Countries:
Flanders and the Netherlands. Music sources that were inaccessible, sometimes for hundreds of years, are becoming available again due to the merrits of the internet.

Der Fluyten Lust-Hof
(the flutes pleasure garden) by Jacob van Eyck (ca. 1590-1657), one of the most remarkable figures in Dutch musical life during
the Golden Age

Musiques traditionnelles de Wallonie
by le Canard Folk, partitions, midi

Le Troubadour Wallon
transcripted music manuscripts of old dance music of Wallonia (Belgium)

Musiques Traditionnelles de Wallonie

Projet Melchior
Resources for traditional music in Wallonia
Ressources pour les musiques de tradition en Wallonie


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Music Brittany /  Bretagne:


Partitions de musiques de Bretagne
by Breizh Partitions,
celtic music

Collected Tunes by Bernard Loffet (+)

Airs de Bretagne, Irlande, d'Écosse
maintained by Pascal Rose


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Music Scotland:
This database includes over 200 printed sources of Scottish fiddle music from before 1850.

Glen Collection of printed music
National Library of Scotland

Nigel Gatherer's Tunes Collection

Scottish Midi Music
Provided by Tom Lorimer

Books from the music collection at the National Library of Scotland
Hosted at the Internet Archive

Music Shetland Islands

Haand me doon da fiddle
1979, compiled by Tom Anderson & Pam Swing;
found on the discussions forum of the 'The Session' website

as abc files in Chris Walshaw's

Shetland tunes collected by John Chambers

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Music Northumberland

Folk Archive Resource Northeast
Northumberland etc., UK

Henry Atkinson Manuscript
article on the Village Music Project website
H.A. manuscript transcribed into abc
for the Village Music Project

The Traditional Music of  Northumbria and the British Isles
tunes in mp3 and wma

Music England

Traditional Music in England
British Library Archival Sound Recordings

List of historical tunebooks
some of which are available on the internet

by EFDSS Folkopedia
Digitized and abc music from England, Northamerica and Celtic Countries and regions


The Village Music Project
Manuscripts List
Researching England's traditional music,
dance and song

Chris Partington's Links Page

English traditional dance music
by Andrew Wigglesworth
recordings, Internet Archive

Several editions of John Playford's 'Dancing Master' hosted at the Petrucci Music Library

Background information on the 'Dancing Master' on Wikipedia

The Playford Collection
revised by John Chambers

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Music Ireland

The Irish Traditional Music Archive
English, Gaelic

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Hetzler's Fakebook -- Listen and Learn

Celtic  and old time tunes in midi
partitions in pdf & gif format

Digital Tradition Folk Music Database
Songs, text, midi , abc, Pennywhistle notation and Dulcimer tab

The Traditional Music Database - TUNEdb
Maintained by Richard Moon 
midi, abc

O'Neill's Music of Ireland

Music Northern Europe

Nordic Folktunes Collection of Stefan Lindén

Södermanlands Spelmansförbunds samlingar
hosted at Södermanlands Spelmansförbund
in Swedish


Folk Wiki

Music Archive from Finland:
Den Digitala Utgåvan av Finlands
Svenska Folkdiktning

Music Archive from Sweden:
Folkmusikkommissionens notsamling
och Musikmuseets spelmansböcker

about 45,000 pages of tunes and songs;
in English and Swedish
Svenskt visarkiv's Web Catalogues
Browse the catalogues by Catalogue ID

Radio Sweden's Recording Journeys

Svenska Låtar
- on Swedish Wikipedia
- on

Collection Gotlandstoner
Sheet music from Gotland, Sweden
by August Fredin

pdf download

"Gotlandstoner" was originally published in small booklets between 1909 and 1932.  In order to make the music accessible to new generations of musicians and sessioneers and thus to support the folk life in Gotland, the Roxy Culture Club initiative worked for the re-release of "Gotlandstoner"

Norsk Folkemusikksamling - Norwegian Collection of Folk Music on facebook

related links:
Hardanger Fiddle Association of America

Sheet Music Collection for the Hardanger Fiddle
from the Norwegian National Library
Check out the collection in the Internet library

Feleverkene - Hardanger Fiddle Website
provided by the Norwegian National Library

Folkmusikboken - Books about Folk Music
hosted at svensk visarkiv
read online - in Swedish

Bluerose Scandinavian Folk Music
Karen Myers' collection of tunes

Music from The Notebook of Rasmus Storm:
- Andy Hornby's website (pdf, abc)

- on soundcloud (mp3)

Music Italy

Il camino della Musica (Italy)
Collections on Youtube

Archivio Sonoro

Dove comincia l'Appennino
Video musicali

You Tube channel of
Dove comincia l'Appennino

Le vecchie danze italiane
by Gaspare Ungarelli, 1894

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Music USA

The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection
trad. American Songs

Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier:
The Henry Reed Collection
American Folk Life Center / Library of Congress

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939
Southern States recording trip Collection
American Folk Life Center / Library of Congress

California Gold - 
Northern California Folkmusic from the Thirties
American Folk Life Center / Library of Congress 

Old-Time Music of America

Special Collections & Archives
of the Berea College, KY, USA

The Lomax Kentucky recordings

Digital Library of Appalachia

Briggs' 1855 Banjo Instructor
In 1855 this was the first instruction booklet
for playing what came to be called the Minstrel style banjo. Hosted on the Internet Archive

Timothy Twiss plays music from the
Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855 on
the fretless Minstrel banjo:
video playlist on youtube

Briggs tunes played by the
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Briggs Corn Shucking Jig &
Camptown Hornpipe

De Gal Wid De Blue Dress On

Music Canada

Le violon de Jos
a lively and dynamic multimedia encyclopedia project on the Quebec's fiddling tradition.

The uniqueness of Le violon de Jos lies in the idea of combining intangible heritage, digital development and open source emergence.

IdentitAirs Québécois

A Web site dedicated to
French-Canadian traditional music

Cranford Publications

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Music Austria & Germany: 

Deutsch-Folk Initiative
German-Folk Initiative
The DeutschFolk-Initiative is a growing network for all those who are enthusiastic about traditional or traditionally inspired music from the regions of Germany. It deals with this material in a forward-looking and cosmopolitan way, be it folk songs, dances or self-penned music with traditional borrowings. Their interests are neither nationalistic nor purely commercial.

Tanzmusik Archiv
Dance Music Archive
This page deals with everything that is related in many different aspects to historical dance music sources in German-speaking countries - as a digital copy, original in the library, copy or facsimile.
Community-forum, videos, digitized music, manuscripts  in German

Trad Tanz Musik
Youtube channel
Traditional dance music of the German-speaking world - collection of tunes from manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th century.

At the end of a video the melody is played in a slow version in order to facilitate learning.
You also get the source to each tune and, if available, a source of supply.
in German

The Dahlhoff Dance Music Collection
10 volumes (Band) or 1400 pages of 18th century dance music collected by Johann Dietrich Dahlhoff of Dinker, Westphalia, Germany.
The music was rediscovered by Simon Wascher. He and other German musicians made digitizing possible.
The collection is hosted at the Berlin State Library.  Website in German

The Dahlhoff Dance Music Collection
Internet Archive

Dahlhoff music
In 1764 Dietrich Dahlhoff, who worked as a sexton and organist, started to write down the dance music that was collected by his family.
Now, nearly 250 years later this music was played by a session in the churchyard  of the village of Dinker, Westphalia, Germany, the former working place of Dietrich Dahlhoff.


Dahlhoff music in modern notation
Transcriptions of the Dahlhoff manuscripts into modern music notation by Richmud Rollenbeck(+). See downloads in pdf and music-xml format at the end of the webpage.
bd = Band = volume, in German
The transcription is published under a
CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licene.

Dahlhoff music in ABC notation
by Simon Wascher, in German

4th Dahlhoff-Meeting in August 2018
in Dinker, Westphalia, Germany

Youtube Video

The Folksong and Tune Archive
of Westphalia-Lippe

hosted by the Folk-Cultural Commission of the Regional Association of Westphalia Lippe; tunes from the region and folksongs, partially in the old Low-German Westphalian language. More than 16,000 data-sets of field-recordings, sheet music and notes; in German
Volkslied- und Tonarchiv der
Region Westfalen-Lippe
von der Volkskundlichen Kommission des Landschaftsverbandes Westfalen-Lippe; Musik und Volkslieder, teilweise in der alten
niederdeutschen, westfaelischen Sprache.
Mehr als 16.000 Datensaetze mit Feldaufnahmen, Notenbblaettern und Aufzeichnungen.

Volkstänze aus Deutschland und Europa
by Thomas Walker, pdf

The Karl Gottlob Wiegand Manuscript 1854
pdf  - in German

The Wiegand Music In Modern Notation
Transcriptions of the Karl Gottlob Wiegand manuscript (1854) into modern music notation by Richmud Rollenbeck(+).
The transcription is published under a
CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licene.
in German

Wuednek's Erben  Bal Folk Music
Compositions of Richmud(+) and Johannes Rollenbeck
The music is published under a
CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 licene.
in abc format - in German

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Various Instruments:

Musical Instruments Museum Online

The instruments of celtic music

Association Rivatges
Association that promotes the Languedoc oboe and music and dance in the Mediterranean area    
in French


Thorsten's Sackpfeiffen Seiten

The Lowland and Border Pipers' Society

Bagpipe Society
Promoting the bagpipe revival
since 1986 (UK)


- Northumbrian Smallpipe:

Northumbrian Smallpipes

Northumbrian Pipers' Society


- Spanish and Portuguese Bagpipes, 

Associação Gaita de Foles
Portuguese Bagpipe Society

- French Bagpipes

Le site "Musette"
Website of the Group "Avalanche Compagnie"

Le Pipasso, la cornemuse picarde

- Swedish Bagpipes

Olle Gällmo's Website

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Accumulated Accordion Annotations

Accordion  Links .com
by Jeroen Nijhof 

De Harmonicahoek
By Eduard Bekker
Dutch website on all matters concerning the  accordion




Everything about the concertina 
by Klaus Wenger, in German


Hurdy gurdy - vielle - Drehleier -draailier - ghironda:

Drehleier - Hurdy Gurdy (German Wikipedia)

Hurdy Gurdy (English Wikipedia)

La Maison du Luthier  Musée à Jenzat


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Dancilla Wiki

Tanzbeschreibungen von Regina Krohne
Folkstanz in
Dance descriptions by Regina Krohne, German

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Dances Brittany / Bretagne:

The On Bouge! Breton Crib Sheet
by Webfeet



Dances France:

La veillée limousine : danses
Music and dances, folk and trad.
in French

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Festival and bal folk agenda in France

Agenda Trad
Traditional Music Calendar for France

Folk Festival Marsinne, Belgium

2nd weekend in September
September 9 to 11, 2022

Bals et Roses
Florenville, Belgium, June 22 - 26, 2022

Diest, Belgium

May 27 to 29, 2022

Festival de Cornemuses in Cassel, France (59)
August 26 to 28, 2022

Lautenbach, Alsace, France:
Rencontre de Lutherie - Dancerie Met Müsik
on Pentecost weekend

Saint-Gervais d'Auvergne, France(63)
August 4 to 7, 2022

Fête de l’Accordéon

Luzy, France(58)
August 13 to 15, 2022

Gran Bal Trad
Vialfrè, near Turin, Northern Italy
July 4 to 10, 2022

Gennetines, France
Le Grand Bal de l'Europe
July 22 to August 5, 2022

Festival de Cornouaille
Quimper, Bretagne, F

small festival in Schaephysen,
near Krefeld, Western Germany
May 26 to 29, 2022

Hoesseringen, Germany
June 10 to 12, 2022

Winneweh, Germany

The Piper's Gathering
North America's most comprehensive
alternative bagpipe event (USA)
Aug 19 to 21, 2022

Nordic Fiddles And Feet
Scandinavian music and dance
Camp Ogontz, near Littleton, New Hampshire, USA
July 5 to 12, 2022

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Bal Folk Links

Bal Folk in Belgium:


Folkkalender of

Bals folk en Nord-Pas-de-Calais
et Belgique occidentale

published by Chti-Folkeux

Rif Zans l'Fiesse
Promotion of traditional music and dance
in the Liège region, Alleur near Liège

Folk in Limburg

Le Canard Folk - Agenda

Folk in Antwerpen
Folk in Antwerp

Bal Folk in The Netherlands 



Bal Folk in Germany:


Bal Folk in Köln
Bal Folk in Cologne

Bal Folk in Bonn

Bal Folk eV. München
Bal Folk in Munich

Bal Folk and other Folk Dance events in Berlin

Stuttgarter balhaus e.V.:
Live Events in Germany and Europe
and neighbouring countries
see "Regiolinks"

Nordfolk Bal Hamburg


Bal Folk in France:

Agenda Trad
Traditional Music Calendar for France

Bals folk en Nord-Pas-de-Calais
et Belgique occidentale

published by Chti-Folkeux

L'agenda d'AccroFolk
bal folk in Alsace and neighbouring regions

Bal Folk / French Dance in UK

Traditional French music and dancing
in Cambridge

Pied à Terre - European Dance in Norwich

Ockbrook French Music & Dance Session

French and Breton traditional music and dance in 
Leeds, West Yorkshire, Les Panards Dansants

French Dance and sessions in UK


Lancaster Eurodance
Lancaster Eurodance is a friendly music and dance group, specialising in the folk dances of Europe;
web site contains as well a tunebook, dance videos and an interesting link list, Lancaster, UK


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Various Links

Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland
Traditional / Folk Music in the Netherlands

Stichting Draailier en Doedelzak
Dutch association round the hurdy gurdy and the bagpipe
German trad music association, with diary

Sessions, Bals Folk and concerts in Austria,
maintained by Stephan Steiner, Vienna, in German

Musical Traditions

Folkclub Frankfurt - 
Link List for Folk im the
German-speaking Countries

in German

Smithonian - 
Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

maintained by Richard Hefner

Folk Session in Wageningen, NL
by Rolf Adriaan Groeneveld
important Folk-website from
the Alsace and Belfort region
in France, in French
online archive, find free sheet music,
audios and videos

Wikipedia articles:
Music of France
French folk music
Italian folk music
Folk music of Italy
Traditional Nordic dance music
Nordic folk music

Swedish folk music
Danish traditional music

Finland - folk music
Folk music / Traditional music

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VLC Media Player
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Real Player

Cross-Platform Sound Editor, open source
Myriad Melody Assistant
Mandolin Tab online abc converter

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see also:

Andreas' Trad & Folk Radio Links
Andreas' Songs & Ballads Links

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andreas' trad music and 
dance link list to:

Memoire du folk en Nord Pas-de-Calais (F)
Konzertina-Netz (D)
Foldies (D)
Groupe La Cascade (F)

Lancaster Eurodance (GB)


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          Cologne, Germany

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