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traditional songs, folk songs and ballads link list
On this website I collected links containing traditional songs, folk songs and ballads from Germany, France, England, Britany, Ireland, Scotland as well as from North America and other regions.  ah  

established in January 2004
last revised: February 2019 



Lyrics various genres

in French

The Mudcat Cafe:
Link List Lyrics and Sheet Music

Traditional Music Library
maintained by Rod Smith 
midi, gif, text

Folk Songs
A collection of folk songs, primarily from
Britain and Ireland, USA, collected by 
Ron Clarke and by other people, with MIDIs, sequenced by Ron Clarke.

Shanties and Sea Songs
by Andrew Draskóy

Folksongs of the world
by Frank Petersohn, CDN

Lyric Wikia

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Countries, Regions


Lyrics France:

Favourite songs of Sylvain Piron
on his website Trad France

Le Chant traditionnel
by / par Annick Bideault

Chants populaires français

French Folksongs / Volkslieder aus Frankreich
by  Richard Kopp 

Wikitrad songs on Soundcloud

Panorama - Histoire des collectes

Répertoire d'airs traditionnels
"les Épinettes des Vosges"
maintained by
Christophe Toussaint

La Bourrée
about 100 dance and song tunes collected in
Joseph Canteloube's book "La Bourrée"
published in 1929
abc-transcription by Steve Mansfield
pdf-file with index created from the
  by Chuck Boody
on (french)

Songs collected by Dastum 44

Center for oral heritage of the Loire-Atlantique department, France;
primarily dance songs
Collection on Soundcloud  Dastum 44 Blog

Oral Heritage Portal, France
Collective catalogue of sound and moving images archives on oral tradition in France

Le Réseau Chant Gallo

La Fête du chant traditionnel
à Bovel (35)

Chansons traditionnelles
youtube playlist, 116 songs

Lyrics England:

The Yorkshire Garland Group
Folksongs collected in Yorkshire, mp3

Steeleye Span Lyrics

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Lyrics Ireland:  

Celtic Lyrics

Digital Tradition Folk Music Database, songs 
text, midi , abc, Pennywhistle notation and Dulcimer tab 

Songbook of the Harvard Celtic Society Website

A Bard's Celtic Lyric Directory
74 Popular Lyrics, Chords, MP3s,

with Background & some Tab -
The Brobdingnagian Bards

Lyrics USA & Canada:

John Quincy Wolf Collection Ozark Folk Songs
text and background information of 
early american songs, by Manfred Helfert

The Max Hunter Folk Song Collection
traditional american songs  

The Great Canadian Tunebook

Le Gramophone virtuel
Enregistrements historiques Canadiens 

The John and Ruby Lomax 1939
Southern States Recording Trip Collection
by US Library of Congress

American Ballads & Folk Songs

Complete Text, Lyrics & Sheet Music
collected and compiled by John A. Lomax
hosted on  

Florida Folklife from the WPA Collections
by US Library of Congress

Lyrics to Traditional and Bluegrass Songs

America singing
nineteenth century song sheets
US Library of Congress

MacEdward Leach and the Songs
of Atlantic Canada

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Wisconsin Folksong Collection

The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection

-Folk and Traditional Song Lyrics

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Lyrics Austria and Germany

Historical-critical song-lexicon
of the german song-archive in Freiburg

Historisch-kritisches Liederlexikon des deutschen Liedarchivs in Freiburg

Field Recordings of the German
Song Archive in Freiburg
hosted at the Online Public Access Catalogue
(Music - OPAC) of the "Bibliotheksservice-
Zentrum Baden-Wuerttemberg" (BSZ) 

German Folk Song Archive
of Michael Zachcial, Bremen

Folk Songs and Political Songs -
Youtube compilation, songs primarily
in German and regional German languages

Deutschsprachiges Liederverzeichnis
German Language Song Index

by  Richard Kopp 

Das Liederarchiv - The Folk Song Archive

Deutsches Lied - The German Folk Song

The Folk Song and Tune Archive
of Westphalia-Lippe

hosted by the Folk-Cultural Commission of the
Regional Association of Westphalia-Lippe;
tunes from the region and folk songs, partially
in the old Low-German Westphalian language.
More than 16,000 data-sets of field-recordings,
sheet music and notices; in German

Volkslied- und Tonarchiv der
Region Westfalen-Lippe
von der Volkskundlichen Kommission des Landschaftsverbandes
Westfalen-Lippe; Musik und Volkslieder, teilweise in der alten
niederdeutschen, westfaelischen Sprache. Mehr als 16.000
Datensaetze mit Feldaudfnahmen, Notenbblaettern und

Lyrics The Netherlands & Flanders

Dutch Song Database
Nederlandse Liederenbank

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Andreas' Songs & Ballads
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