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The Kick Inside


Never For Ever

The Dreaming

Hounds Of Love

The Sensual World

This Woman's Work - The B-Sides (2 CDs)

The Red Shoes

Hounds Of Love (EMI100 Edition)


December Will Be Magic Again - Warm And Soothing

Breathing - The Empty Bullring

Babooshka - Ran Tan Waltz

Sat In Your Lap - Lord Of The Reedy River

The Dreaming - Dreamtime (Instrumental Version)

Suspended In Gaffa - Ne T'en Fui Pas

There Goes A Tenner - Ne T'en Fui Pas

Running Up That Hill - Under The Ivy

Cloudbusting - Burning Bridge

Hounds Of Love - The Handsome Cabin Boy

The Big Sky (Special Single Mix) - Not This Time

Experiment IV - Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)

The Sensual World - Walk Straight Down The Middle

Love And Anger - Ken (From the Comic Strip Film G.L.C)

This Woman's Work - Be Kind To My Mistakes

King Of The Mountain – Sexual Healing (Picture Disc)

King Of The Mountain (That Kick Inside Remix) – King Of The Mountain (This Cloudbusting Dub Mix)



Kate Bush - On Stage

Them Heavy People
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
James And The Cold Gun
L'Amour Looks Something Like You


Cloudbusting - The Organon Remix
Burning Bridge
My Lagan Love

Experiment IV

Experiment IV
Wuthering Heights (New Vocal)
December Will Be Magic Again

The Sensual World

The Sensual World
The Sensual World (Instrumental Version)
Walk Straight Down The Middle

This Woman's Work

This Woman's Work
Be Kind To My Mistakes
I'm Still Waiting


The Kate-Files I

Lemonade Love & Hope
Rasperry Psychic Lemonade
Cranberry Lemonade Vision
Strawberry Lemonade Vision
Pink Lemonade Euphoria
Fruit Integration
Citrus Conciosness
Frutopia Japan
Summer Solstics
Frutopia Iced Tea
The Campaign Part I
The Campaign Part II
The Campaign Part III

The Kate-Files II

Radio Intro
December Will Be Magic Again (Bongo Mix)
The Magician Of Lublin
Sat In Your Lap (Alternative Version)
Wuthering Heights (Karaoke Version)
Hammer Horror (Instrumental)
Dreamtime (Instrumental)
Running Up That Hill (Instrumental)
The Sensual World (Instrumental)
Candle In The Wind (Instrumental)
Moments Of Pleasure (Instrumental)
Organic Acid
Something Like A Song
Gay Farewell
You Were The Star
Sexual Healing
Dave Gilmour introduces Kate Bush (January 2002)
Comfortably Numb First Verse (January 2002)
Comfortably Numb Third Verse (January 2002)
Home for Christmas

The Kate-Files III

Games Without Frontiers (Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush)
No Self Control (Peter Gabriel / Kate Bush)
Let It Be (Ferry Aid)
Sister And Brother (Midge Ure / Kate Bush)
Kimiad (Alan Stivell / Kate Bush)
My Computer (Prince / Kate Bush)
Sunarise (Rolf Harris, nach The Dreaming)
Something Good (Itah Saints)
Running Up That Hill ( anonym. Remix)
This Woman's Work
Moments Of Pleasure
Candle In The Wind
Rolling The Ball (Japanese cover)
Three Little Fishes (Faith Brown, parody)
Under The Ivy (cover version)
The spirit we (Indigo girls - Kate Bush???)

The Kate-Files IV

Radio Jingle
Wuthering Heights (by Visnja)
La nuovva Margherita (Wuthering Heights by Ataraxia)
Running up that Hill (by Faith & the Muse)
Running up that Hill (by Within Temptation)
Running up that Hill - Live (by Within Temptation)
Running up that Hill (by Danielle French)
Running up that Hill (by Placebo)
Running up that Hill (Kate Bush vs. Infusion)
Running up that Hill (Trance Mix)
Waking the Witch (by ArtistTCON)

CD-Rom - Part:
Under Ice (Video)
Under the Ivy (Video)
Running up that Hill (WT Video)

Kate Bush - More Material

Brazil I
Brazil II
Running Up That Hill -Live
Interview 1
Interview 2
Breathing (Live)
Another Day - Duet with Peter Gabriel (Live)
The Seer (Big Country feat.
Kate Bush)

Cathy's Homedemos

Kashka From Baghdad
Coming Up
Oh, To Be In Love
Playing Canasta
Ferry Me Over
The Craft Of Love
Queen Eddie
In My Garden
Frightened Eyes
Never The Less
Goodnight Baby
So Soft
I Don't See Why I Shouldn't
Babooshka (Version 2)
The Kick Inside
Hammer Horror
A Rose Growing Old
Keep Me Waiting
Disbelieving Angel
Don't Push Your Foot On The Heart Brake
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Strange Phenomena
Really Gets Me Going


Aspects Of The Sensual World

Sensual World (LP-Version)
Be Kind To My Mistakes
I'M Still Waiting
Ken (From the Comic Strip Film G.L.C)
The Sensual World (Instrumental Mix)

Love And Anger

Love And Anger (Single Mix)
Ken (From the Comic Strip Film G.L.C)
The Confrontation
One Last Look Around The House Before We Go

Rocket Man

Rocket Man
Candle In The Wind
Candle In The Wind (Instrumental Version)

Rubberband Girl

Rubberband Girl
Rubberband Girl (Extended Mix)
Big Stripey Lie

Moments Of Pleasure

Moments Of Pleasure (Album Version)
Show A Little Devotion
December Will Be Magic Again
Experiment IV

And So Is Love (US-Version)

And So Is Love
Rubberband Girl (U.S. Mix)
Eat The Music (U.S. Mix)

Eat The Music

Eat The Music
Eat The Music (Extended Mix)
You Want Alchemy
Shoedance (The Red Shoes Dance Mix)

The Man I Love

The Man I Love
Rhapsody In Blue
Rhapsody In Blue (Edit)

King Of The Mountain

King Of The Mountain
Sexual Healing

Sonstige CDs

Common Ground

I Wanna Be Kate


Live At The Hammersmith Odeon

Kate Bush Live bei Bios Bahnhof (Sendung vom 9. Febr. 1978 mit Kite und Wuthering Heights)

The Single File

The Whole Story

The Sensual World

The Line, The Cross And The Curve

The Line, The Cross And The Curve (mit deutschen Untertiteln)

Lovehound Collection I

Lovehound Collection II

The Total Tape Integration

VIVA II, Vinyl extra - Kate Bush (Sendung vom 28.07.1997)


BBC Christmas Special 1979 with Peter Gabriel

(Gymnopedie Nr. 3 - Satie) Symphony in Blue
Them Heavy People
Here comes the Flodd (Peter Gabriel)
Ran tan waltz
December will be magic again
The Wedding List
Another day (with Peter Gabriel)
The man with the child in his eyes
Don't push your foot on the heartbrake

The Whole Story (PLUS)

Wuthering Heights
The man with the child in his eyes
Hounds of Love
Running up that Hill
Army Dreamers
Sat in your Lap
Experiment IV
The Dreaming
The Big Sky
The Sensual World
Love & Anger
This Woman's Work
Suspended in Gaffa
Hammer Horror
Them Heavy People
There Goes a Tenner
WOW (Version 2)

Live at Hammersmith Odeon

Them heavy People
Strange Phenomena
Hammer Horror
Don't push your foot on the Heartbrake
Feel it
James and the cold gun
Oh England my Lionheart
Wuthering Heights

The Line, the Cross and the Curve

Rubberband Girl
And so is Love
The Red Shoes
The Red Shoes (Instrumental)
Moments of Pleasure
Eat the Music
The Red Shoes

This Woman's Work

This Woman's Work Interview
100 Greatest Women
Let it be
Ferry Aid
UK Horizon
Rubberband Girl MTV
100 Greatest Album
Bio's Bahnhof
Japan 1978
TV Bio Sweden
Under the Ivy (Piano Version)
Vinyl X-tra
KT Parodie & Interview

Interviews and more ...

Saturday Night Interview
SIYL Training & Interview
Running up that Hill, Live with David Gilmour
Dr. Hook: Babooshka & Delius
Don't give up with Peter Gabriel (Version 1)
"Vegetarian" Interview
British Rock & Pop Awards 1979
Russel Harty Show - Delius
Profiles in Rock
Don't give up with Peter Gabriel (Version 2)
The Sensual World of Cathy: Interview, The Sensual World, Love & Anger, This Woman's Work
Another Day with Peter Gabriel from the BBC Christmas Special

TV 1978 - 2001

Wuthering Heights - T.O.T.P. 23.03.78
Wuthering Heights - T.O.T.P. 16.02.78
Wuthering Heights - T.O.T.P. 09.03.78
The man withe child in his eyes - Saturday Night Live 09.12.78
WOW - T.O.T.P 22.03.78

Babooshka - Rockpop 02.09.80
Army Dreamers - Rockpop 02.09.80
Interview - Pepple Mile 08.12.82
The Wedding List - Live at the Prince's Trust 21.07.82
There goes a Tenner - Razzamatazz 21.09.82
Running up that Hill - Peter's Pop Show 16.09.85
The Big Sky - Peter's Pop Show 16.09.85
Hounds of Love - B.P.I. Awards 10.02.86
Running up that Hill - T.O.T.P. 22.08.85
Hounds of Love - T.O.T.P. 06.03.86
Experiment IV - Wogan 31.10.86
This Woman's Work - Wogan 25.11.89
Interview - Rapido Oct. 89

1990 - 2001
Rocket Man - Wogan Dec. 91
Rocket Man Video - 1991
Interview Moments of Pleasure - Aspel & Co 20.06.93
Interview & Clips - New Music (Canada) 1994
And so is Love - T.O.T.P. 16.11.94
The Man I Love Video 1994
Feature on T.O.T.P. 100 Number 1994
Q Awards 29.10.2001

Kate Bush

Under Review


Paul Kerton - Kate Bush

Kate Bush - A Visual Documentary

Rob Jovanovic – Kate Bush – Die Biografie