Michael William Balfe

The Bohemian Girl

Naqtional Concert Hall, Dublin, Januar 1991
Verlag: DECCA

The Bohemian Girl - Oper in drei Akten 1844
Libretto von Alfred Brunn

1. Akt
Up with the banner
A soldier's life
'Tis sad to leave our fatherland
In the gipsy's life you read
Comrade, your hand
Is no succour near at hand?
What means this alarm?
Down with the daring slave
What sounds break on the ear?

Zweiter Akt
Silence, silence! The lady moon
I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls

The wound upon thine arm
What is the spell hath yet effaced
Listen, while I relate the hope of a gipsy's fate
In the gipsy's life you read
'Tis gone - the past was all a dream
This is thy deed
In the gipsies' life - Come with the gipsy bride
Life itself is at the best chorus
My dear uncle, it delights me to see you
Whate'er the scenes - The heart bow'd down
Hold! Hold!

Dritter Akt
Introduction - the past appears to me but a dream
When other lips and other hearts
Through the world wilt thou fly, love
Welcome the present
Though every hope be fled
See at your feet a suppliant one
When the fair land of Poland
Let not the soul for sorrows grieve
Oh! what full delight
Arlien: Nova Thomas
Thaddeus: Patrick Power
Graf Arnheim: Jonathan Summers
Königin der Zigeuner: Bernadette Cullen
Devilshoof: John del Carlo
Florestein: Timothy German
Chor: Radio Telefis Eireann Philharmonic Choir
Orchester: Nationales Sinfonie-Orchester von Irland
Dirigent: Richard Bonynge