Sir Granville Bantock

Omar Khayym

Watford Colosseum, 01. + 0.2 Oktober 2005 & 17. + 18. Februar 2007
Verlag: Chandos


Omar Khayyam
The Ruba'iyat according to Edward Fitzgerald in Musik gesetzt fr drei Solostimmen, Chor und Orchester in drei Teilen
Part I
1 [Prelude -]
2 Chorus: 'Wake! For the Sun, who scattered into flight' -
3 Chorus: 'Before the phantom of false morning died' -
4 The Poet: 'And as the cock crew, those who stood before' -
5 The Poet: 'Now the new year reviving old desires' -
6 The Poet: 'Iram indeed is gone with all his rose' -
7 Chorus: 'Whether at Naishpr or Babylon' -
8 The Beloved: 'Each morn a thousand roses brings, you say' -
9 The Poet: 'With me along the strip of herbage strown' -
10 Chorus: 'Some for the glories of this world; and some' -
11 The Beloved: 'Look to the blowing Rose about us - 'Lo''' -
12 Chorus: 'Think, in this battered caravanserai' -
13 The Poet: 'I sometimes think that never blows so red' -
14 The Poet: 'Ah, my Beloved, fill the cup that clears' -
15 Chorus: 'Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend' -
16 The Beloved: 'Alike for those who for To-day prepare' -
17 The Philosopher: 'Myself when young did eagerly frequent' -
18 Chorus: 'What, without asking, hither hurried Whence?' -
19 The Poet: 'Up from earth's centre through the seventh gate' -
20 Chorus: 'Earth could not answer; nor the seas that mourn' -
21 The Poet: 'Then of THEE IN ME who works behind' -
22 The Poet: 'Then to the lip of this poor earthen urn' -
23 The Philosopher: 'I think the vessel, that with fugitive'
24 The Beloved: 'As then the tulip for her morning sup' -
25 The Beloved: 'So when that Angel of the darker drink' -
26 Chorus: ''Tis but a tent where takes his one day's rest' -
27 The Beloved and the Poet: 'When you and I behind the veil are past' -
28 [Interlude:] The Desert -
29 The Caravan -
30 Chorus: 'A moment's halt - a momentary taste' -
31 The Philosopher: 'Would you that spangle of Existence spend' -
32 The Philosopher: 'A moment guessed - then back behind the fold' -
33 Chorus: 'Waste not your hour, nor in the vain pursuit' -
34 Chorus: 'Better be jocund with the fruitful grape' 2:59

Part II
1 The Philosopher: 'You know, my Friends, with what a brave carouse' -
2 The Philosopher: 'Ah, but my computations, people say' -
3 The Philosopher and Chorus: 'and 'twas - the Grape!' -
4 Chorus: 'The Grape that can with logic absolute' -
5 Chorus: 'The mighty Mahmd, Allah-breathing Lord' -
6 The Philosopher: 'Why, be this Juice the growth of God, who dare' -
7 The Philosopher: 'I must abjure the Balm of Life, I must' -
8 Chorus: 'Oh threats of Hell and hopes of Paradise!' -
9 Chorus: 'The Revelation of devout and learn'd' -
10 Chorus: 'We are no other than a moving row' -
11 The Beloved: 'The Moving finger writes; and, having writ' -
12 The Beloved and the Poet: 'And that inverted bowl we call the sky' -
13 The Poet: 'With Earth's first clay they did the last man knead' -
14 The Philosopher: 'I tell you this - when, started from the goal' -
15 The Beloved, the Poet and the Philosopher: 'What! out of senseless Nothing to provoke' -
16 Chorus, the Beloved, the Poet and the Philosopher: 'Oh Thou, who didst with pitfall and with gin' -
17 Chorus, the Beloved, the Poet and the Philospher: 'Oh Thou, who Man of baser earth didst make'

Part III
1 Introduction 'The Fast of Ramazn' -
2 Worshippers in the Mosque -
3 The Philosopher: 'As under cover of departing day' -
4 Chorus: 'Shapes of all sorts and sizes, great and small' -
5 First Pot: 'Said one among them - 'Surely not in vain'' -
6 Chorus: 'So while the vessels one by one were speaking' -
7 The Philosopher: 'Ah, with the grape my fading life provide' -
8 The Philosopher: 'Indeed the idol I have loved so long' -
9 The Philosopher: 'And much as wine has play'd the infidel' -
10 The Poet: 'Yet ah, that Spring should vanish with the rose!' -
11 The Poet: 'Would but the desert of the fountain yield' -
12 Chorus, the Beloved, the Poet and the Philosopher: 'Yon rising moon that looks for us again' -
13 Chorus, the Beloved, the Poet and the Philosopher: 'And when like her, oh Ski, you shall pass'

Mezzosopran: Catherine Wyn-Rogers
Tenor: Toby Spencer
Bariton: Roderick Williams
Sopran (First Pot): Olivia Robinson
Mezzosopran (Second Pot): Sin Menna
Bass (Sixth Pot): Edward Price
Chor: BBC Symphony Chorus
Orchester: BBC Symphony Orchester
Dirigent: Vernon Handley