William Boyce

Solomon - A Serenata

18. - 20. September 1989
Verlag: Hyperion

Solomon - A Serenata

1. Teil
Chor: Behold, Jerusalem, behod thy king
Rezitativ She: From the mountains, Io!
Arie She: Tell me, lovely shepherd
Fairest of the virgin throng (Arie)
Rezitativ She: As the rich aplle, on whose boughs
Arie She: Beneath his ample shade I lay
Rezitativ He: Wo quits the lily's fleecy white
Balmy sweetness, ever flowing (Arie)
Rezitativ und Arie She: Let not my prince his slave despise - Ah simple me!
Fair and comely is my love (Arie)
Rezitativ She: Forbear, O charming swain, forbear!
Arie She: O fill with cooling juice the bowl!
Sinfonia (Allegro assai)

2. Teil
Rezitativ und Arie He & She: The cheerful Spring - Sweet music
Duett He & She: Together letz us range the fields
Rezitativ He: How lovely art thou to the sight
Let me love, they bole ascending (Arie)
Rezitativ She: O that a sister's specious name
Arie She: Soft! I adjure you, by the fawns
Rezitativ He: My fair's a garden of delight
Soflty rise, O southern breeze! (Arie & Chor)

3. Teil
Arioso He: Arise, my fair, the doors unfold
Rezitativ She: Obedinet to thy voice I hie
Arie She: Ye blooming virgins, as ye rove
Chor der Jungfrauen: Who is thy love, O charming maid!
Arie She: On his face the vernal rose
Arioso She: This, O ye virgings, is the swain
Rezitativ He: Sweet nymph, whom ruddier charms adorn
Rezitativ She: O take me! Stasmp me on the breast!
Duett He, She & Chor: Thou soft invader of the soul!

Sopran: Bronwen Mills
Tenor: Howard Crook
Chor: The Parley of Instruments
Ensemble: The Parley of Instruments
Dirigent: Roy Goodman