Ralph Vaughan Williams

Sinfonie Nr. 1 - A Sea Symphony

19.-21 März 1989
Verlag: EMI Classics

Sinfonie Nr. 1 für Sopran, Bariton, gemischten Chor, Orgel und Orchester "A Sea Symphony" 1903-09
I. A Song for All Seas, All Ships (Moderato maestoso)
Behold, the sea itself (Chor)
Today a rude brief recitative (Bariton & Chor)
Flaunt out, O sea, your seperate flags of nations! (Sopran & Chor)
Token of all brave captains (Chor)
A pennant universal (Bariton, Sopran & Chor)

II. On the Beach at Night, Alone (Largo sostenuto)
On the beach at night, alone (Bariton & Halbchor)
A vast similitude interlocks all (Bariton & Chor)

III. Scherzo: The Waves (Allegro brillante)
After the sea-ship, after the whistling winds (Chor)

IV. The Explorers (Grave e molto adagio - Andante con moto)
O vast Rondure, swimming in Space (Chor)
Down from the gardens of Asia descending (Chor)
O we can wait no longer (Bariton & Sopran)
O thou transcendent (Sopran, Bariton & Chor)
Greater than stars or suns (Chor, Sopran & Bariton)
Sail forth (Chor, Sopran & Bariton)
O my brave Soul! (Sopran, Bariton & Chor)

Sopran: Felicity Lott
Bariton: Jonathan Summers
Chor: Cantilena (Ladies' Choir of Colchester Institute of Music), London Philharmonic Choir
Orchester: London Philharmonic Orchestra
Dirigent: Bernard Haitink