Ralph Vaughan Williams

The Poisoned Kiss

Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
03. - 06. Januar 2003
Verlag: Chandos

The Poisoned Kiss

Act I
No. 2. Opening Chorus: 'Secret are the sounds
No. 3. Scena. Gallanthus: 'What's that?'
No. 4. Scena. Angelica: 'Day is dawning'
No. 5. Duet. Gallanthus: 'It's really time . . .'
No. 6. Ensemble. Hob, Lob and Gob: 'Here we come . . .'
No. 7. Duet and Chorus. Dipsacus: 'I'm a sorcerer bold'
No. 8. Duet. Amaryllus: 'It's true I'm inclined . . .'
No. 9. Ensemble. Tormentilla: 'Hush, lovely cobra'
Amaryllus: 'Desist, lest you die!'
No. 10. Duet. Amaryllus: 'I know we see . . .'
Amaryllus: 'Blue larkspur in a garden'
No. 11. Ensemble. Dispacus: 'Who's in my forest?'
Dispacus: 'North wind, south wind'
Tormentilla: 'Angelica?'
Amaryllus and Gallanthus: 'O, come to our arms'
No. 12. Song. Tormentilla: 'O, who would be . . .'
No. 13. Finale. Dipsacus: 'All is ready!'

Act II
No. 14. Introduction
No. 15. Chorus: 'Here we come'
No. 16. Song and Chorus. Angelica and flower girls: 'By all the powers . . .'
No. 17. Trio. Lob: 'Ho there!'
No. 18. Duet. Angelica: 'It does not appear . . .'
No. 19. Trio. Third Medium: 'If you want to escape'
No. 20. Chorus: 'Tormentilla! Tormentilla!'
No. 21. Song and Duet. Tormentilla: 'There was . . .
No. 22. Ensemble. Amaryllus: 'Twas here it bade . . .'
No. 23. Serenade. Amaryllus: 'Dear love, behold . . .'
No. 24. Duet. Tormentilla: 'Sleeping or waking'
Tormentilla: 'You must not kiss me'
No. 26. Finale. Tormentilla: 'Too dark for me . . .'

No. 27. Introduction
No. 28. Trio. Mediums: 'Behold our mystic . . .'
No. 29. Ensemble. Empress: 'Monstrous vision!'
No. 30. Ballad. Empress: 'When I was young . . .'
No. 31.Ensemble. Empress: 'You can leave us'
No. 32. Duet. Tormentilla: 'Is my love alive?'
Empress: 'Love breaks all rules . . .'
No. 33. Invocation. Empress: 'Imps and Demons'
No. 34. Ensemble. Empress: 'Come, O gentle powers'
No. 35. Duet. Empress: 'Can you, can you remember'
No. 36. Quartet. All: 'Love in a hut . . .'
No. 37. Sextet. First Medium: 'Horrid monster!'
No. 38. Duet. Gallanthus: 'It's the proper thing to do'
No. 39. Finale. Chorus: 'Love has conquered!'

Angelica, Tormentilla's Maid and Companion (Mezzosopran): Pamela Helen Stephen
Gallanthus, the Prince's Attendant: Roderick Williams
Hob, the Magician's Hobgolins (Tenor): John Graham-Hall
Gob, the Magician's Hobgolins (Bariton): Richard Suart
Lob, the Magician's Hobgolins (Bass): Mark Richardson
Dipsacus, a Professional Magician (Bariton): Neal Davies
Amaryllus, the Prinbce, Son of the Empress (Tenor): James Gilchrist
Tormentilla, the Magician's Daughter (Sopran): Janice Watson
First Medium (Sopran): Gail Pearson
Second Medium (Sopran): Helen Williams
Third Medium (Mezzosopran): Emer McGilloway
Empress Persicaria (Kontraalt): Anne Collins
Chor: Adrian Partington Singers
Orchester: BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Dirigent: Richard Hickox