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Radio TradCan

newly added:
Radio Uylenspiegel
from French-Flanders

Trad /Folk general:

Folk Danmark
Internet Radio den2radio

BBC Folk Radio Shows

WUMB Radio- Traditional Folk

Paradiso Folk
in Spanish
Paradiso folk on archive.org

Aires Celtas
in Spanish

WUMB Folk Radio Stream

Klaus Schaefer's
FolkMag Radioseite
mainly scottish and nordic music;
in German

Secret Museum of the Air
audible music archive:
Blues, Old-time etc., 
circa 50 streams,  Real Audio
hosted at wfmu.org

Sound Sessions from Smithsonian Folkways

"the first folk Podcast from the UK,
features the best in folk, folk-rock,
singer-songwriter and roots-based music"

hober radio
Folk, Accoustic, Americana, many rare,
partially old recordings in best streaming quality

Street Squeeze Tunes
Euro-Texan Folk Music

La Rotta
former musical ensemble from Germany;
Album "Marco Polos Return"


Trad Music,
Customs of Carnival
and similar Customs

compilation on youtube

folk radio link lists:

Ceolas Worldwide
Celtic Music Radio Listing

vTuner: Celtic Stations

List of Folk Music Programs

visit cantalpassion.com


Austrian /German

Trad Tanz Musik
Youtube channel
Traditional dance music of the German-speaking world - collection of tunes from manuscripts from the 17th to the 20th century.

At the end of each video the tune is played slowly in order to facilitate learning.
It also gives you the source of each tune and, if available, a source of supply.   in German

Trad Music from Germany, Austria
and Switzerland

Youtube Playlist

Dutch, Flemish

Dutch and Flemish Trad Music
Youtube Playlist

Radio Uylenspiegel
from French-Flanders

swedish, danish... 

NRK Folkemusikk
Folk Radio from Norway

Folk Danmark
Internet Radio by den2radio

Swedish bagpiper Olle Gällmo
Olle Gällmo on youtube

swedish violin mp3 music
by Jochen Schepers, Germany

Hardanger Fiddle
Association of America

Norvegian music in mp3 format



Aff the Cuff:The Sessions
many podcasts of a fine session in Carnoustie near Dundee, Scotland

The Angus Sessions
Traditional music, live and raw
from Angus, Scotland; podcast

The Rare Tunes Archive
personal archive of recordings of Scottish Traditional Music, although it's not all Scottish or Traditional or Music



Folk on the air waves
Classic Folk with Mike Norris

featured by EFDSS

Folk & Traditional Music in England
British Library Archival Sound Recordings


Radio An Tour Tan:
Cyber Festou Noz
the server of the breton diaspora
Real Audio
TV  An Tour Tan
the first breton television on
the Internet, Real Player

French / Français:

Musique d'Auvergne
23 original tunes from the Auvergne region, mp3

Basile Brémaud

Duo Artense


Gérard Godon (Parasol)

Silvain Piron's
Accordion Songs and Tunes
published on archive.org under
Creative Commons License

Les Frères Raillard
Trad music from the Morvan

Folk à lier

Group of the Cevennes region in France; website

Disque-O avec Travaque - Les anciens
compilation of french trad music from 78 rpm recordings on youtube. The movie as seen during the 'Disque-O avec Travaque' at the Folkwoods festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, aug. 14th 2011. 
by Nikolaj Marks

En avant la musique!
Radio emission of France Bleu - Pays d'Auvergne;
featured by the Agence des Musiques des Territoires d’Auvergne (A.M.T.A.), France

Radio Uylenspiegel
from French-Flanders





Marc Gunn's Irish and
Celtic music podcast

Clare FM
The Westwind (podcasts)


The weekly video programme
of traditional Irish music

Irish Traditional Music Archive
Sound Recordings

Rolling Wave
RTE Radio 1; Named after a famous traditional Irish tune, The Rolling Wave is a sharp ear and a close eye on the world of traditional and folk music in Ireland.

RTE Radio 1 - Ceili House


Banda Brisca

Le Zampogne di Daltrocanto
Festival della Zampogna di Cava dei Tirreni, Italy, January 2007; video, youtube

La Ciapa Rusa

Dove comincia l'Appennino
(Where the Appennine begins)
Music from the Appennine region in
Northern Italy  - youtube channel

Stefano Valla & Daniele Scurati
Trad Music from the Italian "4 Provinces" in the Northern Apeninnes region near the city of Genoa

Il camino della Musica (Italy)


Kosmos Radio
Folk and traditional music of the regions of
Catalonia, Occitània and Madrid
Kosmos emissions (archive.org)


Early American Music,
Appalachian, Old Time,
American trad.:

New England Fiddles
28 minutes film by John Bishop,
published on  folkstreams.net

Historic Recordings Tell
Clawhammer Banjo History

NPR, March 21, 2006

Digital Library of the Appalachians

search for
old-time appalachian
banjo tune

Music of Tom Joad

The Florida Memory Folk Collection
from the State Library and Archives
of Florida
Florida Folklife Collection

Appalachian Journey
film by Alan Lomax, 56 min

Almeda Riddle:
Now Let's Talk About Singing
video folkstreams.net

Carolina Chocolate Drops
Afro-American Stringband
selected tunes in a youtube playlist

David G. Hyatt's Gourd Banjo Site

The Alan Lomax Channel

Dreams and Songs of
the Noble Old

film by Alan Lomax, 57 min

Juneberry -
Roots Music Listening Room


Tunes from Newfoundland:
Harmonica tunes
Accordion tunes
MacEdward Leach and the Songs
of Atlantic Canada,
Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Métis Fiddle

The Fiddlers of James Bay
"The documentary traces the history of the fiddle’s arrival in Canada 300 years ago via Scottish traders from Orkney Island. The Cree population adopted the instrument, and many contemporary Cree residents are master fiddlers. In this film, two Cree fiddlers travel to the Orkney Islands, the birthplace of the music they learned from their fathers and grandfathers."


Cajun / Zaideko / Acadien:

Cajun Music Radio

Cajun Music mp3
by Neal Pomea

"Dry Wood", Video 37 min.
"A glimpse into the life, food, and
Mardi Gras celebrations of black Creoles in French Louisiana, featuring the stories and music of "Bois Sec" Ardoin and Canray Fontenot."

Creole Music and Culture
in Rural Lousiana

Cajun Country
film by Alan Lomax, 58 min

Cajun visits

Lousiana Folklife Program
audios and videos


vTuner: stations playing Blues

Sonny Terry: Shoutin' the Blues



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free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols.

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