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Last updated on August 15th 2005 (No, I am not dead yet!)


Hi there! Do come in, stranger! Take a seat, lean back and make yourself comfortable! In case you're female, the Goose drooling bucket is at your disposal. No, I'm not a telepath, I just know what you're going through. This is an old, old page. (A look at the "What's new" page should give you a clue... this is NOT new, folks ;-) The page was made in the 90s and I keep it around for nostalgia's sake. It's a little brittle around the edges, so treat it kindly and with velvet gloves.

Since I created this page, a lot has happened with the series. Koch in the USA and KSM in Germany are releasing the series on DVD - something I never dreamed would ever happen. But there you go. If they sell well, we might even get a new spin-off. I can't really say what's weirder. That after all these years, Galaxy Rangers is coming back to life? Or the fact that the plot the creators hinted at last ComicCon sounded exactly like the Mary Sue-ish fanfic I had dreamt up in my head as a teenager. ;-)

Most of the screenshots on this page were made from my (now) old VHS tapes and lovingly edited pixel by pixel to look a little better, a long time ago. Now everybody can make their own, and it's sort of fulfilled its purpose. But if you're too lazy, feel free to take them and credit me. Deal?


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All of the pictures included in this page were made by yours truly, and you may use most of them freely wherever, whenever and however you like. I'm afraid the collages are not for rent on other pages though, as they contribute to the personal touch of my page.
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