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Elias in Portugal November 1998   Elias
November 1998    


Eliasī History

Elias was born September 29th,1997. Before he was born we already knew that there was some probability of him having Down Syndrome because of the results of an AFP, a blood test taken during pregnancy. We refused further invasive diagnostics because we wanted to have Elias in any case with our without handicap and because an amniocentesis can always put the pregnancy at risk. Nevertheless we were intimidated, and the time after getting the AFP results has been the most difficult time while getting along with DS. I am often thinking now that had I already known Elias I wouldnt have needed to be so afraid! That is why by this site we want to encourage everybody who might be confronted with the diagnosis that their unborn child has DS!

Elias. 3 weeks old   When I held Elias in my arms after a quick but violent birth I saw at once that in fact he had DS. Reacting on our request the midwife called a pedriatician who confirmed this diagnosis. There were mixed feelings in us, but it was very helpful for us that we had prepared for this moment by reading some literature. Luckily Elias was healthy, so the first night he spent on his fatherīs belly in a family room of the hospital, and the next day we went home. He was loved at first sight by his brother and sister.
October 1997    

From the beginning I breastfed Elias, and he was drinking very well. Only in the first weeks we had to wake him up rather often in order to make him drink enough. It was good to get support from our midwife for this was different to my other children. In nearly all other respects Elias was the same as any other baby, loving to be carried, cuddled and to take part in family life. Lots of people couldnīt really believe that he has that additional chromosome.

In about the first seven months there were no bigger differences in development compared to "normal" babies. Elias could fix us at once, began to hold up his head quickly and at the age of 5 1/2 weeks smiled for the first time. But in a way we had to make some more efforts to make him smile or laugh, as if we had to "wake him up" here, too. Now I think it was very important for him that we talked, sang and laughed with him so much and always payed attention to his reactions. Thus nowadays he is very awake!

Beginning with the second half year of his life in spite of physiotherapy, development was slowing down a little compared to mainstream. Eg. Elias was 7 months, when he was able to sit alone, sitting up by himself at 11 months. At the age of 10 months he pulled himself up to stand, at 15 months he was able to crawl on all fours. Being one year old he could say "Mom" and "ball". He is eating now everything but still wants to be breastfed once a day.

Elias is a very happy and friendly child, but very sensitive, too. When there is any struggle in the family we can be sure that he begins to cough and is at danger of getting bronchitis. This correlation is so clear that we are sometimes so astonished: one more reason to look for peace!

Against all fears, Elias has only made our life richer. By his own unique personality , but additionally leading us to a new sight of the world and making us get in contact to many wonderful people be it here in our surrounding or worldwide through self-support-groups on the internet. So having lived through the uncertainty of the time of pregnancy and the first weeks of Eliasīlife we are now only happy to have him here just like he is!

February 1999, Anke

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made by Len Leshin, an American pediatrician, including lots of interesting articles about health issues and current research. You can find lots of important links, too, if you go to "DS Information Links"on this site.

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Swiss-German Meeting 1999

In July 1999 I visited some of my best mailfriends of the German DS-list and the American Upsndowns-list. Here you can find some of the pictures of our children and us:

Swiss-German Meeting 1999

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