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Julia (16years)

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last update of this site: 04/19/99
Anke`s Homepage
  Anke in summer 1998  

summer 1998



Some words about me

Parts of my life are...

... my family

Julia and Simon are my children from my first marriage and have been staying with me all the time. I am glad that it was possible for us to grow up to be a new family. As they are already teenagers now, one of my present family tasks is to learn to let them get more and more independent. It is three years now that Michael , my husband, is living with us. It is great that despite this very eventful time with lots of new tasks and problems we have always been able to build up common positive perspectives of life. It was our youngest family member, Elias, who has changed our family life in the most intense way. With his delightful but demanding presence around the clock as every young baby does. And because of the fact that he has Down Syndrome. Not only that I read tons of medical and educational literature or built up a lot of new contacts very precious to me. But my comprehension of success, failure and worth of life has changed too. And by the way: without Elias we would not have been here on the web. Our first motivation to look for internet access was the search of information about DS. ....Mmmmh, there are times when I think that the computer has become already too much of a family member! profession

Since 1986 I am working as a profession counselor for students from age 16 to about 30. My university studies have been in economy and political science, but I am glad to work in my present position not quite typical for my point of departure. In the last years I have done some further training. I am especially interested in the systemic approach to counseling.

Coming back to my work after more than a year as a stay-at-home-mom I learnt that it is quite important for me to spend a part of my life in my profession and outside the family. I really love to be with Elias and my family, but I need that more structured professional life as well. Looking out to the future I wish that both Michael and I will be able to spend a part of our time in professional life and another one (not too small) in our family. It would be nice to have some time for ...

...hobbies and interests

At the moment there is not much time left for this. From our family page you know that I enjoy singing in our choir. I like reading, fiction as well as educational or psychological literature. Next summer I hope that we will be able to hike a lot.

Through all my life I have loved to travel. E.g. in spring 1996 I have made a trip through some National Parks of the southwest of USA with my older children. This special interest I have in common with my daughter Julia more than with other family members, so maybe we two women will do together some more traveling... Another country I like very much is Poland. I have spent two years in Warsaw during and after my university studies.

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