Samuel Barber


Konzertstudio des Ukrainischen Radios, Kiew
25. May - 8. Juni 2002
Verlag: Naxos


1. Akt, Szene 1
Potage creme aux perles
No, I cannot understand
Must the winter come so soon?
Listen...they are here!
Do not utter a word, Anatol
Yes, I believe I shall love you
Who are you?

Szene 2
And then?
No, you are not as good a skater as your father was
Under the willow tree
Erika, I am so happy
I must tell you what happened
Did you hear her?
Outside this house the world has changed
Scene 2: Orchestral interlude; Hymn

2. Akt
Entr'acte - The Count and Countess d'Albany
I should never have been a doctor
Here you are!
At last I found you
Love has a bitter core, Vanessa
Nothing to worry about

3. Akt, Szene 1
Why did no one warn me?
Why must the greatest sorrows come
There, look!
On the path to the lake
Anatol, tell me the truth!
Take me away
Grandmother! Yes, Erika

Szene 2
By the time we arrive in Paris
For every love there is a last farewell
And you, my friend
Erika, before I leave you
To leave, to break
Goodbye, be happy, Aunt Vanessa
No, I must never say that name again
Sopran: Ellen Chickering
Mezzosopran: Marion Dry
Alt: Andrea Matthews
Tenor: Ray Bauwens, Richard Conrad
Bariton: Philip Lima
Chor: Capella Dumka
Orchester: National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Dirigent: Gil Rose