Michael Berkely

Jane Eyre

Linbury Theatre, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, 04 November 2000
Verlag: Chandos


Jane Eyre – Oper in zwei Akten
Libretto von David Malouf 
1. Akt
'Silence. Quietness' (Jane, Rochester, Voices)
'I am expected, I think' (Jane, Rochester, Mrs Fairfax, Adèle)
'I can sing you know, Miss Eyre' (Adèle, Jane, Mrs Fairfax, Rochester)
'Paris -' (Jane, Adèle)
[Pferdegeräusche] - 
'Ah, Miss Eyre, there you are' (Rochester, Jane)
'And are there those in this house who love me?' (Rochester, Voice of Mrs Rochester)
'Mr Rochester, you are hurt' (Jane, Rochester)
'Jane, did you see no one, Jane?' (Rochester, Jane)
'Listen! Listen!' (Rochester, Jane)
'Listen now, listen, I will tell you a story' (Rochester, Jane)
'But I know this story' (Jane, Rochester)

2. Akt
'Jane, my dear, it has come' (Mrs Fairfax, Adèle, Jane, Mrs Rochester)
'Godnight, goodnight' (Mrs Fairfax, Adèle, Jane)
[Mrs Rochesters wortloser Gesang]
'Beautiful, so beautiful' (Mrs Rochester, Jane, Rochester)
'Listen, Jane. Hear the rest of my tale' (Rochester, Jane)
'Silence. Silence.' (Jane, Rochester, Mrs Rochester)
'Jane! Jane! Where are you, my angel?' (Rochester, Jane)
'Jane. Jane. Is it really you?' (Rochester, Jane)
'Silence. Quietness' (Jane, Rochester)
Jane Eyre (Sopran): Natasha Marsh
Adèle (Sopran)
: Fflur Wyn
Mrs. Fairfax (Mezzosopran)
: Beverley Mills
Mrs. Rochester (Cotraalt)
: Emily Bauer
Rochester (Bass)
: Andrew Slater
: The Music Theatre Wales Ensemble
: The Music Theatre Wales Ensemble
: Michael Rafferty