Benjamin Britten

Billy Budd

Verlag: Erato

Billy Budd - Oper in vier Akten, Opus 50 1951
Libretto von E.M. Forster und Eric Crozier nach der Erzählung von Herman Melville (Weltersteinspielung der Original-Version)
Pull, my bantams
Send for John Claggart!
Billy Budd, king of the birds!
I heard, your honour!
Come along, kid!
Christ, the poor chap, the poor little runt!
Vere! Vere! - Officers and men...
My compliments...
Don't like the French!
Oh, that's nothing.
Blow her away...
Here lads!
Come out of that!
O beauty, o handsomeness
Come here! Remember your promise.
Billy! Hist, Billy Budd!
Dansker, old friend.
I don't like the look of the mist
Deck ahoy!
All guns ready, Sir!
There are you again, Master-at-Arms.
Nay, nay, you're mistaken.
Claggart, John Claggart, beware!
You wanted to see me
God o mercy!


William Budd, you are accused
Poor fellow, who could save him?
I accept their verdict
Look! Through the port comes the moonshine astray!
And farewell to ye
According to the Articles of War
Starry Vere
We committed his body to the deep
Billy Budd: Thomas Hampson
Captain Vere
: Anthony Rolfe Johnson
John Claggart
: Eric Halfvarson
Mr. Redburn
: Russel Smythe
Mr. Flint
: Gidon Saks
Mr. Ratcliffe
: Simon Wilding
Red Whiskers
: Martyn Hill
: Christopher Maltman
Ein Novize
: Andrew Burden
Freund des Novizen
: William Dazeley
: Christopher Gillett
: Manchester Boys Choir, Hallé Choir
: Hallé Orchestra
Dirigent: Kent Nagano