Benjamin Britten

Peter Grimes

Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London,
Dezember 1958
Verlag: DECCA

Peter Grimes, Opus 33
Peter Grimes!
You sailed your boat round the coast
Peter Grimes, I here advise you!
The truth...the pity...and the truth
Interlude 1

Erster Akt
Oh! Hang at open doors the net, the cork
Hi! Give us a hand!
I have to go from pub to pub
Let her among you without fault cast the first stone
Look, the storm cone!
And do you prefer the storm
What harbour shelters peace
Interlude 2
Past time to close!
We live and let live
Have you heard? The cliff is down
Now the Great Bear and Pleiades
Old Joe has gone fishing
The bridge is down, we half swam over

Zweiter Akt
Interlude 3
Glitter of waves and glitter of sunlight
Let this be a holiday
This unrelenting work
Fool to let it come to this!
What is it?
People!...No! I will speak!
We planned that their lives should have a new start
Swallow! Shall we go and see Grimes in this hut?
Now is gossip put on trial
From the gutter, why should we trouble at their ribaldries?
Interlude 4
Go there!
Peter Grimes! Nobody here?

Dritter Akt
Interlude 5
Assign your prettiness to me
Pah! Ahoy!
Come along, Doctor!
Embroidery in childhood was a luxury of idleness
Mister Swallow! Mister Swallow!
Who holds himself apart, lets his pride rise
Interlude 6
Grimes! Grimes!
Peter, we've come to take you home
To those who pass the Borough

Peter Grimes, Fischer (Tenor): Peter Pears
Ellen Orford, verwitwete Schulleiterin der Gemeinde
: Claire Watson
Captain Balstrode
: James Pease
Hobson, Fuhrman und Constabler
: David Kelly
Swallow, Rechtsanwalt und Bürgermeister
: Owen Brannigan
Mrs. Sedley, Witwe eines Vertreters der Ostindischen Handelskompanie
: Lauris Elms
Auntie, Wirtin der Schenke "Zum Eber"
: Jean Watson
1. Nichte
: Marion Studholme
2. Nichte
: Iris Kells
Bob Boles, Methodist und Fischer
: Raymond Nilsson
: John Lanigan
Ned Keene, Apotheker
: Geraint Evans
John, Grimes neuer Lehrjunge
: Marcus Norman
: Chorus Of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden
: Orchestra Of The Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Dirigent: Benjamin Britten